Branding & Visual ​Identity

Investing in cohesive design and branding across digital ​channels and social media platforms effectively ​communicates your values, builds trust, and creates ​meaningful connections with audiences, which ultimately ​drives long-term success and growth.


Rebrand and logo design for the ​Greater Baton Rouge Society for ​Human Resource Management

Visual identity and design for ​a local leadership podcast,

Like-Minded Servants

Design and promotional material ​for a local non-profit marathon

Logo redesign for a local small ​business who changed names, ​Cypress Air.

Logo redesign for a local ​small business who changed ​names, Cypress Air

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Hi, I’m Jenny Creighton and I have loved creating graphics for over ten years. ​My experience with a local online parenting resource along with my full-time ​job in communications has reinforced the importance of visual identity. I’m ​passionate about representing organizations through branding excellence.

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